Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

At our next dance, September 2nd, there will be new signs up on the restrooms:

Instead of being marked "men" and "women," each will say it's for everyone.

Questions and Answers:
  • Why are you making this change?

    We received a lot of feedback from trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming dancers that the "men" and "women" bathroom designations were making it hard for them.  For example, one dancer told us that when they use the men's room people demand they use the women's room, but when they use the women's room people demand they use the men's room.  This sort of unpleasant experience means they're unwilling to use any gendered restrooms.

  • Did you get any community input before making this change?

    After a lot of informal discussions we published a blog post where we described a poll we intended to take.  That post got a lot of helpful feedback and we modified the poll somewhat in response to people's suggestions.  We ran the poll at our dances on 5/6 and 5/20 and published the results.  Of the people who responded, 82% were in favor of the change.  The raw poll results are available if you want to look at details.

  • I don't want to be around urinals, what can I do?

    The bathrooms will be labeled with signs that show what facilities they have.  You can see a draft of the sign above.  It's fine if you prefer one room or the other.

  • I'm worried someone will bother me, what should I do?

    Other places that have switched to all-gender restrooms have not seen an increase in harassment, so we're hopeful that this will not be a problem.  If someone does bother you, please let our safety team know so they can help.

  • I want to make signs like this for my event, can I copy yours?

    Sure!  Here's the template: svg.  Open with Inkscape and edit as needed.  No need to credit BIDA.


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