Draft Poll: Gendered Restrooms?

We've been trying to figure out how to configure our space to be more welcoming to trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming dancers.  So far we've gone with the hall's convention: gendered bathrooms at the Cambridge Masonic Hall, inclusive ones at the Somerville Armory.  Several dancers have come to us asking if we could switch the Masonic Hall bathrooms from "men" and "women" to "everyone".  We're trying to learn more about the range of preferences in our community, and are thinking of running the following poll:

BIDA is considering is switching our bathrooms from being for "men" and "women" to being for "everyone", as a way to be more welcoming to trans and non-binary dancers.  However, some people may not feel comfortable using restrooms with people of different genders.

Are you in favor of this change?

__ Yes: switch to "everyone"
__ No: stay with "men" and "women"

How strongly do you feel about this?

I don't care             This is very important to me
1      .....       2      .....      3     .....     4     .....     5

How do you identify?  Check all that apply: [optional]

__ female
__ male
__ nonbinary
__ cis
__ trans
__ other: ___________________________


(leave a large space here for people to write)

If you would be up for talking to one of us to share your views in more detail, please write your email address: _________________________

Before polling, though, we were hoping to get feedback: are we asking the right questions?  Is this a good way to phrase them?  Other thoughts?

Update 2018-04-16: We've edited this poll based on feedback.  The beginning of the poll previously read:

   "BIDA is considering is switching our bathrooms
   from being for "men" and "women" to being for
   "everyone", as a way to be more welcoming to
   trans and non-binary dancers.  Is this something
   you favor?

   "men" and "women"                 "everyone"
   1      .....       2      .....      3     .....     4     .....     5

   How strongly do you feel about this?

   don't feel strongly              do feel strongly
   1      .....       2      .....      3     .....     4     .....     5"


  1. Do you want to poll separately for comfort vs desire, for each of the two possible outcomes? Your methodology forces some choices, and maybe that's a good thing, but I wonder if some people will be unable to express their concerns adequately in just two 5-point scales. Maybe "How comfortable would you be with signage system $X" for both systems, perhaps in addition to the questions you're asking?

  2. Hm. In general I would agree. However, in this case it is not just about the bathroom use. It is a space where I change clothing, *not* in a stall to keep the toilets accessible for people who need a toilet rather than a space to change.
    Any idea on how to solve that part?

    Also, this form doesn't let me pick or write anything other than here...

  3. The metric attached to the first question feels a little awkward, but still conveys meaningful information. I wouldn't mind seeing a small change that removes a numbering system, or rephrases the question slightly. What I would mind is seeing this poll put off in an effort to find a perfect question. I would rather see this poll run as is with the awkward question and the ability to gather information sooner.

  4. I 'm guessing that the poll responses will self-select for people who care about this issue. I don't much, and am willing to go along with whatever, mostly. - DPL

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