Keeping up with our events

Historically, Facebook has been one of the main ways people have found out about upcoming BIDA dances. Unfortunately, Facebook has made several changes in the past couple years that dramatically reduced how many people see our event listings, and we've heard from several former dancers that they thought BIDA had stopped entirely! So here are some alternate ways to keep up with our events:
  • Join our announcements mailing list. You'll get 2-3 emails per month announcing upcoming events. We also have lists specifically for musicians and now family dances.
  • Add our calendar to your calendar. For example, in Google Calendar you would click the "+" next to "Add a friends' calendar", choose "From URL", and then paste ""

  • Pick up our flyer and keep a copy somewhere around your house:
  • Join our Meetup Group to get notifications about upcoming dances:
  • And while we're still nervous about Facebook we've adding a Page in addition to our Group, and you could "Like" it to maybe get updates on Facebook: