2022 By The Numbers

In 2022 we resumed dancing after 23 months away, and hosted 16 dances at the Cambridge Masonic Hall plus a Spark in the Dark at the Somerville Armory.  Across all our dances we had a total of 2,578 dancers, including our highest-yet attendance at our regular series, 231 at our first dance back. [1]

We took in a total of $24,997, an average of $10.27 per person.  It went to:

  • Performers: $10,174
  • Hall Rental: $9,500
  • Sound: $1,225
  • Insurance, Licenses, Masks, etc: $1,039
This left us with +$3,059 for the year, which we'll use to cover future dances that lose money.

Despite the good financial position we ended 2022 with, we expect 2023 to be a more expensive year:
  • Hall costs have gone up: $500 at the beginning of 2022 to $625 in September, and $750 soon.
  • We recently increased our guarantee from $100/performer to $125/each. With inflation and Boston generally becoming more expensive, $100 was too low for a dance of our size.

If we'd been paying $750 for the hall and $125 to performers in 2022 we would have just about broken even for the year.  Whether this works out well for 2023 depends on attendance: if you all keep coming out and dancing we're in good shape!

[1] Since surpassed by a turnout of 239 for our 2023-02-05 dance.