Let's install a wheelchair lift

The Cambridge Masonic Hall, where we hold most of our dances, is not wheelchair accessible.  The closest you can get is a side door with eight stairs down to the hall.  While there are many things we like about the hall, that there are people in our community who can't attend our dances is a major problem.  It's an old building, and bringing it up to modern standards is difficult and expensive, but installing an inclined platform wheelchair lift in the side stairway would help substantially.  People in wheelchairs, or who otherwise couldn't use stairs, would now be able to get into the building.  This would be expensive, about $25k, but we think it's the right thing to do.

We've talked to the hall owners and they're open to the idea, but can't afford it right now.  If we raise the funds, however, they're willing to credit that against our future rentals.  This means it's primarily a cash-flow problem: we're going to be paying the same amount for the hall either way, but we need the money sooner than we normally would.  So here's the idea:
  • We're going to be selling 10-dance passes, on our regular sliding scale system.
  • Since our dances cost $5-$15, we're asking for $50-$150.
  • If we can sell 250 passes at an average price of $100, that will cover the cost of installing the lift.
  • You'll be able to use the passes at any future BIDA dance. 
We're also happy to take donations if you'd like to help out!

Making this a hall anyone can come to helps all of us, directly or indirectly.  If you're up for pre-paying for some dances, fill out our pledge form or let us know at the dance!


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