Family Dance series

BIDA is excited to be launching a new series of Family Dances! These will be family oriented dance afternoons before our regularly schedules dances. 

Bring your kids! Tell your neighbors and schools! Come without kids of your own, ready to be friendly. 

Did you know that BIDA stands for Boston Intergenerational Dance Advocates? Well, kids are the upcoming generation, and a vital part of our community... So it's never too soon to begin fostering a love of folk dancing and music and togetherness. 

For our inaugural event on October 18th, we will have Marcie Van Cleave leading both New England and International family dances, to great music by Audrey Knuth and friends. We'll dance from 5-6:30, and eat together from 6:30-7. At 7:30, our regularly scheduled contra begins! 

The dance will be in our usual location, in the Masonic Hall at 1950 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA. 

Admission is our standard sliding scale of $5-12 for adults (and counts for the regular dance following, should you choose to stay) and $3 each for children. 

Potluck: please bring something to share, a serving utensil, and label what you've made for allergy courtesy. 

If social media is your thing, please help share the buzz!   and

See you there!


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