Caller Mentoring

Want to get into calling?  Already call but want some mentoring?  Looking for places to call?  BIDA would love to help!  We have several ways we try to support callers as they learn and grow:

  • Initial teaching: if you're completely new to calling and want to learn how to teach dances and then how to prompt them with the music, we can try to match you up with a caller who is interested in teaching you the basics.
  • Introductions: if you're looking for places to call, for fun and practice, we can introduce you to the people who book callers at other dances so you can get more experience.  This includes both dances that do multi-caller evenings and ones where you would handle the whole evening yourself.
  • Shadowing: if you're looking for a chance to learn from the great callers BIDA brings through, we may be able to set you up to shadow one of them.  You would meet with them beforehand to talk about calling and discuss the evening's program, watch how they handle the beginner's lesson and teaching, call a couple dances, and get feedback from them afterwards.

If any of these sound useful to you, or you don't know and just want to talk, write to our caller booker,