Bylaw Change Discussion

As some of you may know, at our membership meeting, one of our proposed bylaw changes didn't reach consensus.  We should have done a better job communicating our reasons for the bylaw change in advance.  Our goal had been to give a 60 day discussion period so that we could take input from the community. Unfortunately we ran out of time and the process ended up more rushed than we wanted it to be.   We did post the proposed change 30 days beforehand in our blog, but the post didn't get any comment traffic, which made us think that this change was uncontroversial. We'll explore additional ways to have conversations and get the word out in the future.  We'd love ideas about better means of communication.

The BIDA board welcomes feedback, ideas, and comments at any time.  Feel free to come up and talk to any of us at dances, send us an email, or attend a board meeting. As always, our board meetings are open to anyone.  If you'd like to attend a meeting, just write to us at . 
We work hard to keep the BIDA dance going strong and to give it a real community feel.  It's everyone who participates who makes it what it is!

Sam Auciello
Angela DeCarlis
Sarah Hirsch
Jeff Kaufman
Audrey Knuth
Daniel Ley
Julie Vallimont


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