Spark in the Dark! Halloween edition

Hello dear dancers,

Happy rainy cold gross October to you, too. You know what's a great a way to stay warm in the midst of this yuck? You got it. Spinning and twirling and stomping and laughing a lot, preferably with your friends, and to live music.

And lucky for you, BIDA has an extra goody to offer this month. In addition to our regular 1st and 3rd sunday dances, we have one more (trick or) treat: a Halloween night Spark in the Dark! We'll have Lisa Greenleaf calling to Delta Wave (Julie Vallimont on piano, synths, jawharp, and computer and Jon Cannon on fiddle). It's also Halloween night..... so once you're done handing out candy or trick or treating, come on over -- perhaps still in your costume finery?

Spark in the Dark is BIDA's techno contra series, and we run them usually once a semester or so.

Techno...contra? Allow me to break it down:
1) fun lighting (black lights, some sparkly fairy lights, glow sticks....)
2) "alternative" music (electronic, sampled and remixed, sometimes working in elements of more traditional fiddle tunes, sometimes playing more with contemporary hits, always groovy)
3) the same contra dance moves and community as always.

BIDA is all about embracing the evolving tradition that is folk arts, and we welcome you to come experience and enjoy another aspect of contra dancing with us.

Please note: different place and time! We'll running from 8-11 pm. And we are trying out a shiny new space to us, the Cambridge Community Center, located at 5 Callender St, Cambridge, MA.

p.s. We'll need some extra hands to help put up all the fun lighting! Please contact us if you're interested in volunteering (and as always, you'd earn your way in for free).