Sliding $cale

Hello BIDA, 

We are so excited for this coming year, and hope to see you this sunday for our regular contra dance in Porter Square! 

As you amble in the door this sunday, you may notice a slight change to our sliding scale admission rate. For the last few years, we have kept our sliding scale at $5-10. This week, we'll be putting up a new sign that reads $5-12. 

What's with the $12? And actually, what's the deal with sliding scale? 

Well, dear reader, let's start with why we use a sliding scale. Entry fees are a necessity for keeping great arts and music organizations alive -- specifically, for feeding the wonderful talent that grace our stage. But for some, a steep admission ticket is a barrier that even good tunes and community cannot overcome. One of BIDA's core missions is to make dancing accessible to more people, geographically, socially, and financially. We have kept the entry fee as low as we can, and offer many volunteer opportunities too (did you know? For one shift, you can enter free). Our hope is that no one will turn away for financial reasons. 

Howsoever and but so, a dance needs a little more -- and for some, paying a few extra dollars is no burden at all. The sliding scale allows people to pay what they can, when they can, by choice. And the best part is that it usually leaves us well in the green, thanks to your generosity! (This in turn lets us give our musicians, callers, and sound people a little bonus for the night). Thanks BIDA people! 

So, back to the 12. This year, our beloved hall is undergoing some renovations and accordingly needs to up their fees for us. We really didn't want to raise the cost of coming to BIDA, but we also don't want to pay our people any less -- and so we decided that we'll just gently lift the upper limit. If you feel that you have 12 dollars you won't miss, please, feel free to pay the full amount! If you have 5, pay 5 as always. If you're strapped (or just feeling helpful), please inquire about volunteering! We need you, each and every dance. 

See you sunday!