Some more of my favorite things

Hello there! I'm back with some more happy faces and favorite aspects of BIDA from last night's English and Contra dance. We love seeing you all enjoy yourselves and each other, and I find this is a really nice chance to verbalize some of what makes these gatherings special. 

I like the spinning and the circling and the sense of motion! – Sean

Community. That’s the big one. – Maddie

I like the community values that are posted around the room and are so fully embodied. It’s wonderful to see people treating each other well. – Neil

It makes me happy! I’ve been dancing before most of the people here were even born! And I am so glad to see it continuing. – Marchia

And from (some of) the band... 

BIDA has a great reputation for being friendly – and it’s well deserved. – Nora

I love how conscious they are of the dance community and of easing beginners in comfortably. – Becca


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