What do you love about BIDA?

At the Fifth Anniversary Dance this past Sunday, I went around and asked dancers for a snapshot and a sentence. Here’s what they love about dancing and BIDA:

p.s. If you’ve got a snippet or story to share, please, find me (Sarah) at the next dance! 

 I really like how alive and playful the people and energy are. – Matthew

 I like the social aspect of it, bonding with everyone and meeting new people. – Adia

I love the music.  – Sara

BIDA always has awesome music now. – Nick

I love the enthusiasm and positive community. I’ve made great friends! – Logan

I enjoy dancing, and it’s great exercise. And sometimes I get to dance with you! – Bob

 The flirting.  – Christine

The final waltz when they turn out the lights – it’s just so hopelessly romantic and beautiful. – Bil

It’s the community, more than anything. – Mick


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