Where Does Your Money Go?

At a typical Sunday evening dance 112 people pay admission on a sliding scale of $5-$10, averaging about $7.50. This adds up to $821 per dance; where does that money go?

The biggest chunk goes to the performers. We guarantee the musicians and caller $75 each and our typical band is three people, so this is $300 per dance. We also hire someone to bring and run sound, also at $75.  The hall is another large expense: we're there from 6pm to 11pm and pay $290 per night. After this we have small expenses: $20 for insurance, $20 for popsicles, a bit for cups, hand sanitizer, meetup dues, and flyers:
This leaves us with an average of $106 left over, which we divide up among the performers and BIDA. The money BIDA keeps goes to cover dances with large bands, dances with low attendance, annual expenses like CDSS membership, and building up some small financial reserves.

We want to start offering performers $100 instead of $75, but we can't quite afford to yet. To get there we need to bring up attendance by about five people per night or have about eight people switch from paying $5 to paying $10. In the mean time, when you pay extra most of your contribution goes to the performers.


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