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Switching to Larks and Ravens

Over the past few years we've been hearing from an increasing number of dancers who would prefer our dances use role terms that don't indicate gender, to make it more clear that anyone can dance any role. Several contra dances on the West Coast have switched from "Gents and Ladies" to "Larks and Ravens", as have most of the dances that formerly used "Bands and Bares". At our April 2nd dance we tested out "Larks and Ravens", and our dancers rated it 3.6 out of 5.

Seeing that our dancers were generally interested in "Larks and Ravens" we decided to run a three-dance trial of the terms, followed by one dance of "Gents and Ladies". We polled people at the last "Larks and Ravens" dance and the "Gents and Ladies" one, and the results are at the bottom of this post. Taking all three surveys into account, plus our sense of what would be best for the dance, we've decided to switch our dance to "Lar…

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